China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Summit–Shenyang, China May 22-23 2013

IAEA is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd to host China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Summit 2013. IAEA encourages participating at the 2013 event by downloading the agenda here.

International Aircraft Engine Association Charter

International Aircraft Engine Association is formed as a global collaboration platform for manufacturers, operators, lessors and maintenance providers.IAEA will be an online marketplace for assets and services available to the industry worldwide.

IAEA will streamline aircraft engine industry by offering comprehensive solutions to common industry issues developed by cross spectrum working teams. IAEA will be a platform for consolidation of resources for highest impact and return available to all corporations involved in this industry.

A trade association funded by member corporations and individuals to establish collaboration and standardize global practices in the aircraft engine industry.


Set global standards in practices, legal documentations, operating and maintenance data through industry collaboration working groups to address common industry issue

Voice industry concerns to legislative and Civil Aviation Authorities around the world as the only recognized qualified professional body worldwide

Maintain a global forum to integrate the entire spectrum of aircraft engine design, ownership, operation and maintenance through social media and conferences

Keep the global aero engine community up to date on the latest news, technology development and events through regular newsletters and publications

Develop and promote professional development and certification programs in the field of aircraft engine globally

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